The Walking Dead’s Season 9 Premiere

The cast of cable's biggest series hit the red carpet at PaleyFest and we were there to ask some big questions.

If you could be any other character in the show, who would you be?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the leather-jacket clad, baseball bat wielding villain Negan, but there's one character whose accessories are even cooler then his.

“Daryl! He gets to ride a motorcycle, he has a cool crossbow.” - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Naturally, we had to ask Daryl himself, Norman Reedus, who has an edge on him. He chose the iconic Michonne, played by Danai Gurira.

“She’s got a samurai sword, and the cool hair. I think I’d be her.”

On Scott Wilson's Passing

One character whose shoes nobody can fill is Scott Wilson — the veteran actor who played Hershel Green for several seasons of The Walking Dead. Although his character has been long gone from the series, his real life passing a day before the show’s season nine premiere made its return bittersweet.

“I loved that guy the minute I met him. He brought, not only experience, but a friendliness, and a warmth, and a wisdom to the show, and just the cast in general. He’s an all-time favorite.” - Norman Reedus

Just hours before the actor's passing was announced, The Walking Dead’s show runner revealed that he would be making an appearance sometime during the course of this season. It has since been confirmed that his scenes have already been shot.

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