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With the holiday season in full swing, a rising music group is spreading Christmas cheer and singing loud for all to hear! Celebrity Page correspondent Josh McBride took to IG Live to chat with the boys of WanMor.

Consisting of Wanyá II ("Big Boy"), Wanyá III ("Chulo"), Wanyá IV ("Tyvas"), and Wanyá V ("Rocco"), this group's sound might remind you of The Jackson 5 and New Edition. And with Boyz II Men founder Wayna Morris and Traci Nash serving as both parents and mentors to the boys, this group is destined for staying power.

We all know and love the typical holiday songs, but this season, WanMor is adding new life to classic tracks and creating new music for all to enjoy. Despite their age, this group presents musical talent beyond their years, along with balancing school, friends, and more.

McBride joined WanMor to discuss their new single "Snow Day", growing up with music, and even sang for us as our IG fans joined in on the conversation.

"Snow Day"

If you're looking for a wholesome Christmas song as the big day inches closer: look no further! "Snow Day" is the newest track from WanMor, and it's sure to put you in the holiday spirit. When asked about the inspiration behind the track, Big Boy shared,

"We wanted to do something for the holidays. We were like, "Yea we gotta do a holiday song!"

The Full IG Live

Along with discussing their new music, the boys tell Josh about their preparation and future goals, who the best singer is, who's the most fashionable, and much more. The boys also tease that a full album is on the way!

Be sure to check out Wanmor's new single "Snow Day" wherever you listen to music and to keep up with the group's journey, follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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