Chemical Hearts – Official Trailer | Prime Video

The newest trailer for Chemical Hearts, starring and executive produced by Lili Reinhart for Amazon Prime Video is out!

Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart has been teasing her newest teen love story Chemical Hearts for months now, sharing exclusive photos, promo posters, and teaser trailers with her Twitter audience.

Last week, Reinhart shared the promotional poster for the movie with the catchphrase:

"Fall in love. Fall apart."

With a full length trailer, Reinhart gives more insight into what the romantic high school movie will entail.

Reinhart plays Grace, who walks with a cane after being in a car accident, who meets Henry at their high school's school newspaper. Euphoria's Austin Abrams plays Henry, who falls for Grace in a quintessential high school romance way, but as the trailer continues, Henry begins to learn more about Grace's dark past regarding her family and why she stopped writing.

The trailer offers comforting visuals of suburban high school life as Reinhart trades out her iconic Betty Cooper ponytail for a bun. Chemical Hearts has the potential to become a new favorite coming of age love story between two seemingly broken people who end up finding each other.

The story is based on the novel Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland, who has been also using her social media to promote the sneak peaks at the upcoming film.

A week ago, Sutherland shared this Instagram post about the decision to cast Reinhart as Grace and to celebrate one month until Chemical Hearts premieres, saying:

"When I first heard that @lilireinhart had been cast as Grace Town, I went to her Instagram and furiously started scrolling. I hadn't seen Riverdale at that point, but as soon as I clicked on this picture, it felt like fate. A girl draped in FISH?! The moviemaking process is often long and precarious and you're never really sure if it's actually going happen - but there, in that moment, it felt like a whisper from the universe. "This will happen," it told me - and so it did. ONE MONTH TODAY UNTIL #CHEMICALHEARTS!"

Chemical Hearts premieres on Amazon Prime Video on August 21st. Based on the trailer, viewers are in for plenty of sweet moments, nostalgic high school recollection, and maybe even a tear or two.

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