The Beatles

There have been some truly iconic people who have done some truly iconic things in the entertainment world. But so much of it already happened! Take a trip down memory lane as we see what happened today in history.

The Beatles Hit the Ed Sullivan Show

February 16th, 1964 was The Beatles second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, a moment that reverberated throughout the history of music. This was really when The Beatles showed up in America and slapped everyone in the face with how awesome their music is. To this day, you can't think Ed Sullivan without thinking The Beatles.

This was one of the greatest live performances in television history, and one that will be remembered forever.

Bruce Springsteen Tops UK Charts with 'Born in the USA'

He was around before this, but this album is when Bruce Springsteen became Bruce Springsteen. Born in the USA remains one of the greatest rock albums ever conceived, with the brilliant mind of Springsteen and his ever cycling entourage of roughly 97 instrumentalists to blame.

This wasn't the day the album came out, but it was the day it topped the charts in the UK. Which is a big deal. For years, Brits had been coming over to America and running the music scene in the wake of The Beatles. But here came Springsteen, with Dylan-esque lyrics and a brand new rock sound to boot.

The 2014 BAFTA Awards

The 2014 BAFTA awards were not short on incredible films to honor. Most noteworthy was 12 Years a Slave taking best film, a story that brought the true brutality of slavery to American audiences.

Alfonso Cuarón, the brilliant mind behind Roma and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban took home the best director award for his beautiful film Gravity, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. The first Mexican man to win an Oscar, Gravity was one of the first films to put his name on the map.

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