Took a week off, but we're back with this week's Tastebreakers! Get ready for some amazing stuff to watch from yours truly.

Girls Alone & Boys Alone

This is a two part documentary series released for free on YouTube a few years back for Real Stories. It's basically taking Lord of the Flies, and making it a real thing.

Girls Alone, and its male companion Boys Alone, is a social experiment where ten children are left alone in a house without adult supervision for a week. All the children can leave when they please, are under video monitoring and have adults on standby to help, but for the most part they're allowed to do literally whatever they want.

These two sister documentaries are a fascinating look at the human condition and the psychology of children; an extremely unique situation where we truly get to see how power struggles form and order is maintained.

But also, it's just really funny to see a ten year old try to make dinner.

Survival Z

I got a free trial to the Apple Arcade a few months back, and frankly, it's a bit underwhelming. Aside from the ad-free experience, there isn't really a smooth transition from phone game to actual gameplay. It still feels like you're playing a game on your phone, despite what was advertised. But, Apple Arcade is young, and needs time to grow their library and capabilities. Remain patient.

But that doesn't mean phone games can't be fun. Take Survival Z, for instance. You won't see my usual array of prose and poetics to describe this game, but it is very fun. It's a zombie game. You're trying to survive, killing zombies, and racking up new materials. Is it a beaten horse? Sure, but it's still really fun.

Not Animal, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's

We have to switch it up, I can't recommend rap every single week, as much as I want to.

So, let's go with one my favorite indie bands out there. Margot and the Nuclear So and So'she Indianapolis band makes music that will literally make your heart melt. It's dark, it's melodic, it's calming. Much of their work is deeply interpretive and somewhat experimental, but you'll like it. Or your money back.

On this specific project, I'd recommend Cold, Kind, and Lemon Eyes, Broadripple is Burning, and As Tall as Cliffs in particular.

The Great North

Straight from the brilliant minds behind Bob's Burgers with a star studded cast that features Nick Offerman, wife Megan Mullally, Jenny Slate, and Alanis Morissette as herself.

Bob's Burgers has always had a deeply unique feel to it. It has a niche humor that you have to accustom yourself to rather than jump into immediately, and The Great North is no different, although it does help if you're already accustomed to their style of humor via Bob, and his burgers.

But trust me, just like Bob's Burgers, this show will grow on you, until it's a part of your heart. These creators have an ability to create truly endearing characters that you want to see again, and again, and again.

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