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What to Expect at the Golden Globes this Sunday

Expect Tina and Amy to kill it, and Schitt's Creek to start their sweep of awards season!

We've got the Golden Globes coming up this Sunday, with TV and movie stars alike up for big nominations. So let's break down exactly what to expect this weekend!

Amy and Tina Will Kill It

These are arguably the two most accomplished women in comedy right now, maybe ever. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have created more iconic comedy than I can fit in here, from Parks and Rec and 30 Rock to Mean Girls, they're cultural icons. They're going to bring the laughs, just like they did last time they hosted.

'Schitt's Creek' is Going to Clean Up

After a critically acclaimed and universally loved six seasons on the air, Schitt's Creek has come to a close, and with Dan Levy and crew basically running Hollywood right now, expect the Canadian sitcom to win big Sunday.

They won in all seven major Emmy categories in the fall, and there's no reason the Globes shouldn't follow suit with the show garnering five noms.

The Late Great Will Win His First Golden Globe

Despite an award winning and prestigious career, the late Chadwick Boseman has never received a Golden Globe nomination.

That changed this year, with the actor being up for Best Actor for his role in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, and there's really no reason he shouldn't win. Everyone in the category delivered amazing performances, but none frankly came close to Boseman.

It's what the people want, it's what the media wants, it's what he deserves. Hand it over.

People are Going to Remember How Awesome Jane Fonda Is

As if we could forget, but Jane Fonda will be receiving the Cecil B DeMille award this Sunday, an award given in recognition of an extraordinary career in entertainment. The activist, actress, and model is universally adored around here, and there won't be a frowny face in the building when she gets that hardware.

Presenters Will Steal the Show

We have some serious talent leading the presenters this year. Everyone from Margot Robbie to Tiffany Haddish, Catherine Zeta Jones to Michael Douglas, the presenters are packing as much star power than the nominees this year.

Streaming Will Once Again Cement its Place

Streamers like Netflix and Prime Video aren't just popping up at the show anymore, they're downright stealing it. Netflix grabbed a third of all nominations. HBO Max and Disney+ also grabbed their first spots in the award show this year with The Flight Attendant and The Mandalorian, respectively. Streaming is here to stay, and now it's dominating the award scene in a big way.

Some Dark Horses to Consider

Despite not being overly popular this year, Mank could swoop in and surprise a lot of people. It's a callback to a different age, an age that many voters in the HFPA probably miss a great deal. Gary Oldman had an incredible performance, and even though it fits into a niche, Mank is definitely the kind of niche Hollywood enjoys a great deal.

Old favorites also may get a nod over some of the frontrunners this year. Despite the buzz being mostly about newcomers, there are a lot of deeply prestigious actors like Cate Blanchett, Anthony Hopkins, and Bryan Cranston. Expect at least a few old favorites to swoop in front of your favorite this year.

COVID Will Be on Our Minds

COVID-19 really can't seem to get out of our hair, but the Globes are going through strict protocol for the attendees this year, with testing and mandatory isolation for everyone attending. In addition, many frontline and essential workers will be front and center as honored guests at the event.

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