Selena + Chef | Trailer | HBO Max

Confession: I love cooking shows. Whether it's Emeril, Rachael or Ina alone in their kitchen or a bunch of British bakers in a tent...I love cooking shows. Today, there are more of them than ever and now we're seeing a new, tv and music stars getting their own "cooking shows"...

Selena + CHEF on HBO Max

Today pop star Selena Gomez joins the likes of Amy Schumer, Valerie Bertinelli, Trisha Yearwood and Phil Rosenthal in getting her own culinary show. Selena + CHEF has a fun concept; Selena at home, on video-chat with world famous chefs, trying to learn how to cook. The show starts streaming today on HBO Max.

Five Bedrooms on Peacock

The new streaming service, Peacock, also continues to roll out new shows. Their latest is described this way: Five singles meet at, of all places, the singles' table at a wedding. After several bottles of champagne, they decide to pitch in and buy a house together. Five singles buy a house together – what could go right? It's a grand social experiment with one glaring problem: they'll have to actually live with each other. All while journeying together through disasters, life-turning crises, and moments of love, joy and heartbreak.

Coronavirus and the Classroom on NBC

Every parent around the country is concerned about their kids' education this year, in the midst of Coronavirus. Tonight, NBC News explores the topic in a special broadcast.

An Easy Girl on Netflix

A teenage girl is drawn to her cousin's hedonistic lifestyle when they spend the summer together in Cannes as she learns about herself and her own values. The film is streaming now on Netflix.

Don't on ABC


Tonight is the season finale of Adam Scott and Ryan Reynolds' new competition show. See how it all ends, tonight on ABC.

Killer Camp on the CW

Check out the finale of Killer Camp tonight on the CW.

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Celebrity Page TV

Corbin Bleu's newest Hallmark Channel movie, Love, For Real, gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at a reality dating show.


MGM Studios

A new trailer for the House of Gucci movie has just been released. With Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, Al Pacino and more featured in the film,


There's a lot going on in the music industry this week! From a new Billie Eilish album to a reboot of Behind the Music. Sonia Isabelle is breaking it all down in the Hollywood Wrap.