The Rockettes


Another night, another show! This fine December evening, pop some popcorn and kick back by the fireplace to treat yourself to some much deserved TV time.

Here's all the shows you'll want to check out airing tonight...

Dorian Missick Chats Season Two Of 'For Life' Ahead Of Mid-Season Finale

Tonight on ABC, Dorian Missick and the talented cast of For Life debut season two's mid-season finale, before returning with new episodes in January. The star is chatting with Ricky Cornish all about the impact and timeliness of the hit show! Check out the exclusive clip above.

Catch the mid-season finale of For Life tonight on ABC.

The Amazing Race Finale, CBS


The Amazing Race

What: The other finale event premiering tonight, The Amazing Race will award one of the remaining final two teams with the million dollar grand prize. The teams have travelled the world completing crazy challenges (pre-covid) as a part of the competition reality series.

Where: CBS

When: 8/7c

Which of these will you be grabbing the remote for tonight?

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Prince Harry and James Corden

James Corden became a personal tour guide for Prince Harry and spend with him the entire afternoon. Check out how it went for the two!


Celebrity Page TV

The Academy of Country Music has announced their full list of nominations for the ACM Awards, which will be held Sunday, April 18th in their glamorous return to Nashville. Let's see who's up for an award!