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Here is a list of shows to check out this weekend!

Salt-N-Pepa Movie

The Salt-N-Pepa biopic depicts the lives of these female rap pioneers. It premiers on Lifetime Jan. 23.

A Winter Getaway

Hallmark's newest movie A Winter Getaway tells the story of Joe, who gets mistaken for a billionaire and gets treated to an extremely luxurious vacation in the mountains where he finds love.

A Wild Year on Earth

A Wild Year on Earth returns to AMC+ Saturday, Jan 23. Tune in to watch this wild-life documentary and enjoy the visuals of the natural world.

The Eisen Hour

Watch Rich Eisen's new talk show The Eisen Hour on Epix, premiering Jan. 23 at 10p.

Killer Motive

If you're a true-crime lover, make sure to watch Oxygen's Killer Motive premiering for its second season at 6p on Saturday. Each episode will focus on discussing a particular murder and the motives and meaning behind it.

Euphoria Special Part 2

The highly anticipated part 2 of the Euphoria special will finally arrive on Sunday, January 24 at 9p.

Grace Notes

​Season 2 of BYU TV's Grace Notes ​premiers Sunday. The show stars Neon Trees member Elaine Bradley, who invites various musicians and recording artists for intimate performances and conversations about music and life.


Watch the witches of Charmed on the CW, episodes returning this weekend!

Bridge and Tunnel

Bridge and Tunnel returns to EPIX this Sunday at 9p as the crew continues to maneuver post-grad life.

If We Built It Today

Throw some education into your weekend viewing by turning on the Science Channel's If We Built It Today.

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Ahmad Simmons


A new dance video from the 'American Dance Machine for the 21st Century' has been released.

In light of the Covid pandemic, the 'COOL' lyrics have never meant more to the Broadway community.
The film's director Joshua Bergasse said: