The Next Thing You Eat

Happy Thursday! Here's today's premieres you can enjoy.

The Next Thing You Eat - Hulu

To start off, do we really know what we eat? Well... The Next Thing You Eat will explore just that. From lab-grown fish to burger flipping robots, the six episode docu-series premieres today on Hulu.

The Blacklist - NBC

The Blacklist is officially back with season 9 and plot twists are just around the corner. After two years from the death of Elizabeth Keen, one of the members of the Task Force is injured and they must work together to bring down a conspiracy that could completely devastate global security. You can watch the season premiere at 8pm on NBC.

Komi Can't Communicate - Netflix

Tomohito Oda's TV adaptation is finally here and new episodes are available for streaming every week. Will Komi be able to have 100 friends in the anime? Check out Komi Can't Communicate on Netflix to find out.

Sex, Love & Goop - Netflix

And it's never too late to discover more about ourselves... Especially when pleasure is involved. Brave couples embark on a journey for a more pleasurable sex with the help of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her team in Sex, Love & Goop, streaming now on Netflix.

The Girl In The Woods - Peacock

In a world where monsters are real and hide behind a mysterious door in the forest, this teenager has to do what's right with the help of her friends. The wait is finally over -- The Girl In The Woods is now available on Peacock.

Introducing Selma Blair - Discovery+

Introducing Selma Blair transports us into Blair's journey of acceptance and resilience as she faces the multiple sclerosis diagnosis. You can now watch the emotional and powerful movie on Discovery+

Coroner's Finale - CW

And finally, Caleb's fate will be known to fans of Coroner with the season finale that airs tonight at 8pm on CW.

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