The Murders at Starved Rock

Happy Tuesday! As we prepare for the holidays, here's today's premieres.

The Murders at Starved Rock - HBO

The Murders at Starved Rock is a three part documentary series that explores the horrifying murders of three women in 1960 in Starved Rock State Park. The man found guilty for the crimes is now seeking to clear his name. It premieres tonight at 8pm on HBO.

A Christmas Stray - OWN

In A Christmas Stray, a man finds himself stranded in a small town on Christmas Eve due to a stray dog who ran him off the road. He's now drawn to the brilliant and free spirited local veterinarian... You can watch the movie tonight at 9/8c on OWN.

One Stage To The Next - TV One

One Stage To The Next follows award winning singer Syleena Johnson as she navigates her life in the entertainment industry. It premieres tonight at 10pm on TV One.

Grand Crew - NBC

Grand Crew is a brand new comedy where a young group of professionals navigate the ups and downs of their lives in Los Angeles. You can now watch it on NBC.

Ghosts of Christmas Past - Lifetime

In Ghosts of Christmas Past, Ellie ghosts many people on dating apps -- But things change as a fortune teller tells her that she must make peace with her past by making amends to the ones she previously ghosted. The movie premieres tonight at 8pm on Lifetime.

Love is Love is Love - VOD Movie 

Finally, Love is Love is Love tells three stories about love, commitment and loyalty between couples and friends. You can watch the movie on VOD Movie.

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