Tonight is another night of new releases of mystery, sports, and competition! So listed some of the good ones to put on your screen tonight, lets get into it!

Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara? is a Spanish TV 10 episode series on Netflix that will keep you wanting more! This thriller is about a man seeking revenge and showing how he was framed for the murder of his sister. He then find more than just the original crime. Watch it on Netflix streaming tonight!

How The Universe Works

How The Universe Works is returning to air tonight! The brand new season comes to the Science Channel at 9pm ET and streaming on Discovery+. The show will dive in black holes, dangerous truth about our universe, the sun and so much more. So, if you are one with science and want to learn what is really going on up there, this is the show for you!

The Day Sports Stood Still 

When Covid-19 came and the world stopped, sports had taken a huge hit. This Documentary from director Antoine Fuqua and EP Brian Grazer puts the spotlight on the day the sports world took an unprecedented pause and restart during the pandemic. The Day Sports Stood Still premieres tonight on HBO at 9 pm ET.

Producers Guild of America on Twitter

Get your best suit and dress on because tonight is the 32nd annual PGA awards. This award is a virtual ceremony that is put on by Event bright and sponsored by General Motors. If you wish to watch, sign up for a viewing link on their twitter linked above!

NCAA Womens Basketball Tournament

Alabama vs. Maryland (1 pm, ESPN2)

Oregon vs. Georgia (3 pm, ESPN2)

Wright State vs. Missouri St. (3 pm, ESPNU)

Belmont University vs. Indiana (5 pm, ESPNU)

Northwestern vs. Louisville (5 pm, ESPN2)

BYU vs. Arizona (7 pm, ESPNU)

Iowa State vs. Texas A&M (7 pm, ESPN2)

Texas vs. UCLA (9 pm, ESPN2)

Let's go, girls!

Seal Team

Tonight is an all-new episode of Seal Team on CBS. Jason is up for the challenge as he always is, but tonight he wont have his brothers there to help. Watch tonight at 9 pm ET to find out what happens!


Riverdale is back for another episode tonight! A new Cheryl is in town tonight as she steps out of the house to perform Lady Gaga's Stupid Love. Then Archie and Hiram Lodge get into a debacle at the football game and it is not looking good for Archie. Watch tonight on The CW at 8pm ET!

The Masked Singer

Tonight is heating up asThe Masked Singer brings group A to bring the stage. Then the first ever Wildcard character is brought into the competition! Watch tonight on Fox at 8pm ET!

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