Happily Wherever

TGIF! Here's everything you can watch today to end the week in the best way!

Mythic Quest - Apple TV+ 

Season 2 of Mythic Quest premieres today only on Apple TV+

Dynasty - CW 

Dynasty is officially back with its fourth season! Check it out tonight at 9pm on CW!

Haunted Hospitals & Queen Of Meth - Discovery+

If you love tales of paranormal activity inside hospitals then Haunted Hospitals is the show for you. Otherwise, check how Lori Arnold became the Queen of Meth 30 years ago. They both premiere today on Discovery+

Happily Wherever & My Lottery Dream Home - HGTV

HGTV will try to answer a question that you've been asked at least once in your life: "if you could live anywhere, where would you live?" Check out Happily Wherever at 8:30pm ET, after all new My Lottery Dream Home at 8pm!

Shrill - Hulu 

Shrill's final season is finally here! Will Annie find a real match before the end of the series? You can watch Shrill on Hulu!

Jupiter's Legacy - Netflix 

In Jupiter's Legacy, the super-powered children of superheroes struggle to live up to the expectations of their parents. You can stream it on Netflix!

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As a kid who grew up in Detroit in the 80's and 90's, John Salley is sports royalty to me! So when I got a chance to interview one of my boyhood idols about his newest acting role, I said ''yes" immediately.