Fear the Walking Dead fans - rejoice! Our friends at Ranker.com have teamed up with Celebrity Page to offer up some great news about the apocalyptic show - and what to watch afterward.

The Walking Dead prequel, Fear the Walking Dead is back with the second half of Season 6 after production was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But what will you watch when it's over? Have no fear. Ranker and Watch Worthy have you covered.

Preacher on AMC

A minister believes that God has given up on the human race, and makes it his mission to confront him. The show had its end in 2019, but is available for streaming now on AMC or Hulu.

American Gods on Starz

Fans of Fear the Walking Dead will love this fantastical series about the clash between ancient and modern Gods of mythology. Watch what might be an apocalyptic war ensue on Starz.

Raising Dion on Netflix

Ranker calls Raising Dion "criminally underrated" and recommends that Walking Dead fans check out this series about a single mother who discovers her son's special powers and navigates how to keep him out of harm's way. You can binge the show now on Netflix.

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Empire State Building

This Thursday, October 21st, marks the 12th annual Spirit Day!



On Wednesday, employees at Netflix organized a rally for Trans Rights.