Live: 2020 Election Results Map For Trump Vs. Biden | NBC News

We made it to November 4th, and it has been a windy road to get to this point. With the election results still in the balance, we can only wait anxiously as votes are being counted in battleground states. Other than watching the news all day, there are other shows worth noting that have new episodes tonight.

Election Results Coverage

Democrat or Republican, America is dialed into their network or cable news channel of choice as the results of the election slowly come in. With certain states locked in for Biden or Trump, it's now time to focus in on the midwest and southwest United States.

The A-Word

The hit British show The A-Word debuts a new season tonight at 11pm on Sundance.

I Can See Your Voice

One of the newest gameshows on the clock, host Ken Jeong and a panel of celebrity guests try to pick out the best singers out of a field of contestants. The catch? You never see the person sing! Catch a new episode tonight on FOX.


Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson return to ABC tonight with a brand new episode of their hit family comedy black-ish.


America's favorite "gotcha" show is back with a new episode tonight at 8pm on MTV.

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Soap Opera Digest, Celebrity Page TV

Happy Monday, soaps fans! We caught up with the editorial director of Soap Opera Digest, Stephanie Sloane, to get the latest cast and storyline updates coming this week.


Celebrity Page TV

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Reunion Special


HBO Max just gifted every Harry Potter fan the best surprise of the holiday season. The very first teaser trailer for the 20th anniversary reunion special was just dropped last night.