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  • Dothan: WTVY2 MyTV 12:00PM
  • Birmingham: WVUA Ind. 4:00 PM
  • Huntsville: WHNT.2 7AM/3:30AM
  • Mobile: WALA FOX 1:30AM


  • Anchorage: KYES MyTV 9:30PM


  • Phoenix: KAZT Ind. 12:30AM and 4:30AM


  • Little Rock: KASN CW 1:30AM


  • Bakersfield: KUVI MyTV 1:00PM
  • Chico: KRVU MyTV 2:30PM and 3:30AM
  • Eureka: KECA2 MyTV 2:30PM/3:30AM
  • Fresno: Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 10:00PM
  • Los Angeles: KCAL Ind. 1:00AM
  • Monterey: KOTR MyTV 11:30AM and 7:00PM
  • Palm Springs: KDFX Fox 1:00AM
  • Sacramento: KQCA MyNet 5:00AM; Saturdays KCRA 6:30PM
  • San Diego: XDTV MyTV 4:00PM/7:30AM
  • San Francisco: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 10:00PM
  • San Francisco: KOFY TV 11:00PM
  • Santa Barbara: KKFX Fox 1:00AM


  • Denver: The Cable/Satellite Channel, Reelz 11:00PM
  • Colorado Springs: KWHS (Ind) 12:30AM


  • Hartford/New Haven: WTHN ABC 1:05AM


  • Wilmington: WILM MyTV 3:30PM

District of Columbia

  • WDVM TV 3:30pm


  • Gainesville: WMYG 11:30PM and 2:30AM
  • Jacksonville: WCWJ CW 1:00AM
  • Miami: WBFS MyTV 3:00AM
  • Orlando: WRDQ Ind. 11:30PM M-F
  • Panama City: WECP.2 My7 1:30AM
  • Pensacola/Mobile: WALA FOX 1:30AM
  • Sarasota/Tampa: WWSB ABC 1:37AM
  • Sarasota/Tampa: WSNN Ind. 7:30PM and 11:30PM
  • Tampa: WTOG CW 7:00AM
  • West Palm Beach: WFLX FOX 6:00AM


  • Albany: WSST Ind. 5:30PM
  • Atlanta: WUPA CW 4:30AM
  • Columbus: WXTX FOX M-F 8:30AM
  • Macon: WPGA Ind. 11:30PM
  • Savannah: WGSA CW 1:00AM


  • Honolulu: KHON2 Hawaii’s CW 10:00PM


  • Boise: Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 11:00PM
  • Twin Falls: KSVT FOX 6:00AM


  • Chicago: WCUU TheUToo 1:30PM/1:00AM
  • Moline/Rock: WQAD3 MyTV 2:30AM


  • Ft. Wayne WPTA.3 MyTV 8:30AM
  • Indianapolis: WHMB (Ind) 12:00AM
  • South Bend: WSJV FOX 10:30AM/5:30AM


  • Cedar Rapids: KCRG ABC 1:05AM and NCRG 11:00AM and KWKB 1:30PM
  • Davenport: WQAD3 MyTV 2:30AM
  • Des Moines: KDSM FOX 6AM/7:30AM
  • Sioux City: KCAU ABC 2:30PM


  • Topeka: KTMJ FOX 7:00AM
  • Wichita: KCTU 2 11:00AM


  • Lexington: WTVQ.2 MyTV 12:00PM
  • Louisville: WBNA TV 21 1:30PM


  • New Orleans:WHNO (Ind) 11:30PM & Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz, 12:00AM
  • Baton Rouge: WBRZ ABC Fridays 11:30PM and Sundays 4:30PM
  • Lake Charles: KSWL 5:00AM
  • Shreveport: KPXJ CW 6:30AM


  • Baltimore: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM
  • Hagerstown: WDVM TV 3:30PM


  • Boston: WCVB ABC 1:35AM; Saturdays 11:35PM
  • Boston/New Hampshire: WMUR ABC 1:35PM
  • Springfield: Fox6 1:35AM


  • Detroit: WADL Ind. 6:00PM and 12:30AM
  • Flint/Saginaw: WNEM2 MyTV 1:00PM
  • Grand Rapids: WXSP MyNet 7:00AM
  • Traverse City: WMNN Ind. 11:30PM


  • Minneapolis: KSTC Ind. 1:30PM
  • Rochester: KIMT.2 MyTV 6:00AM


  • Jackson: WJTV2 CW 11:00PM
  • Tupelo: WCBI2 MyMT 12:30AM and 3:00AM


  • Kansas City: KCWE 12:30AM
  • St. Louis: KMOV MyTV St. Louis 1:00AM
  • Springfield: KSPR ABC 2:30AM


  • Las Vegas: KVVU FOX 5 12:3osPM

New Hampshire

  • Manchester: WMUR ABC 1:35AM

New Mexico

  • Albuquerque: KASY (Ind) 2:30AM

New York

  • Albany: WNYA MyTV 8:30AM
  • Binghamton: WICZ FOX 2:30AM
  • Buffalo: WNLO CW 6:00PM
  • Elmira: WJKP MyTV 5:00PM
  • New York City: WABC ABC Late Nights Fri, Sat, Sunday and weekend daytimes; check your local listings for times and Cable Channel Reelz nightly M-F 1:00AM
  • Rochester: WHEC NBC 12:30PM

North Carolina

  • Charlotte: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM
  • Greensboro: WMYV MyTV 1:00AM
  • Raleigh: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM
  • Wilmington: WILM TV Independent 3:30PM

North Dakota

  • Fargo: KCPM MyTV 5:00PM and 5:30PM


  • Cincinnati: Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM
  • Cleveland: WMFD Ind. 3PM; The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM
  • Columbus: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM
  • Dayton: WRCX Ind. 9:00AM/6:00PM/7:30PM
  • Lima: WLIO.2 FOX 2:30AM
  • Mansfield/Cleveland: WMFD Ind. 3:00PM
  • Toledo: WMNT MyTV: 8:30AM and 3:00PM
  • Youngstown: WBCB CW 1:00AM


  • Oklahoma City: KSBI MyTV 8:30AM
  • Tulsa: KWHB (Ind) 10:30PM


  • Portland: KPTV Fox 1:00AM; The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 10:00PM


  • Harrisburg: WHP.3 CW 4:30AM and 8:30AM
  • Johnstown/St. College/Altoona: WHVL MyTV 7:30AM
  • Pittsburgh: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM
  • Philadelphia: WPSG CW 5:30AM
  • Wilkes-Barre: WQMY MyTV 1:00AM

Rhode Island

  • Providence: WNAC2 MyRITV 11:30PM

South Carolina

  • Charleston: WCBD NBC 12:30PM

South Dakota

  • Sioux Falls: KCPO Ind. 5:00PM and 9:00PM


  • Chattanooga: WFLI.2 2:00AM
  • Memphis: Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 12:00AM
  • Nashville: WNAB CW 5:00AM


  • Abilene: KXVA.2 MyTV 6:30AM
  • Amarillo: KCPN MyTV 10:30AM
  • Austin: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 12:00AM and KXAN Saturdays 2:00AM and 2:30AM
  • Corpus Christi: KTOV MyTV 11:30AM
  • Dallas: KTVT CBS 1:12AM
  • Houston: KPRC NBC 1:07AM
  • San Antonio: KCWX MyTV 7:00AM
  • Victoria: KVCT 4:00AM
  • Waco: KYLE FOX 8:30AM
  • Wichita Falls: KJBO 5:00PM


  • Salt Lake City: KTVX ABC 12:37AM


  • Seattle: KONG Independent 6:30PM
  • Washington D.C.: The Satellite/Cable Channel, Reelz 1:00AM

West Virginia

  • Clarksburg: WVFX FOX 11:00PM
  • Wheeling: WTOV.2 FOX 3:00AM


  • LaCrosse/Eauclaire: WKBT.2 MyTV 12:30AM
  • Madison: WIFS 12:00AM
  • Milwaukee: WCGV MyTV 8:00AM; WVTV CW 1:30AM
  • Wausau: WZAW FOX 7:30AM


  • Casper: KTWO ABC 1:37AM
  • Cheyenne: KKTQ ABC 1:37AM