One-On-One: Whitney Woerz Drops Brand New Single 'Retrograde' | Celebrity Page
The singer opens up on the next chapter of her career!

Whitney Woerz burst onto the music scene with her breakout singles, "Love Me Not" and "Idea of Her."

Now, the 19-year-old singer is dropping her new single, "Retrograde," which signifies the next chapter of her career!

"It's kind of a journey, this song, through just the darkness that you feel during a retrograde and there's a little sliver of hope throughout the entire thing too," Woerz said.

"It's really fun just to go through how I change and how my music changes with me. Retrograde is coming out... that's me now, and then in two years, I'm gonna be like 'Wow, I'm so different than I was from Retrograde.'"

You can stream Retrograde today!

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