Will Arnett

Will Arnett and astrologer Aliza Kelly came together to produce an all new animated series Your Daily Horoscope, which is set to premiere on Quibi.

Your Daily Horoscope is a comedy series focused on following the daily mishaps of the 12 zodiac characters that resemble modern day millenials. Each character will have personality traits that coincide with their zodiac sign while providing humorous storylines of them working at a technology start-up.

In addition to Arnett's comedic mind behind the show, Kelly, who is a resident astrologer at Cosmopolitan magazine, gives the show depth and meaning. Your Daily Horoscope provides a mixture of humor and real-life advice by utilizing useful astrological guidance that is seen in every day situations. To make the series even more relevant, Quibi will also have a feature allowing users to read their personal daily horoscope.

Your Daily Horoscope is set to release on July 6th only on Quibi. The series will run five days a week with 12 personalized segments everyday. In a statement with Variety, Arnett expressed his excitement on the upcoming show:

"We're so excited to be a part of this unique show. The odds of it coming together were astronomical, but I suppose it was written in the stars."

Head of lifestyle development at Quibi Becky Brooks commented on the show's unique genre in a statement with Variety:

"The modern renaissance of horoscope has pushed us to examine this genre through a whole new lense and we're confident in saying that no one has ever brought horoscopes to life quite like this."

For more information on the release, follow Quibi here.

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