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Country music legend William Lee Golden is best known from The Oak Ridge Boys, but the singer is teaming up with his family on new music.

Grammy winner William Lee Golden joined The Oak Ridge Boys back in 1965 and has now become one of the most recognizable faces in the music industry.

Golden left the group at the end of the '80s, but rejoined them in 1995 on New Year's Eve.

Time might have passed, but Golden is still deeply in love with music. Whether he's performing on stage with The Voice's Blake Shelton or singing around the table with his family, Golden is unstoppable.

Alongside his sons, William Lee Golden and The Goldens are now playing all of their favorite songs on a trio of new albums recorded during the pandemic.

"I had to shut TV off, get away from it... get out of the house and allow my mind to try to process what's going on and all these old songs started coming, flowing through my mind," Golden said.

Those songs differ in style -- they range from classic country, to pop and gospel.

Their brand new single, "Come and Dine," falls under the gospel category.

"We've just got a familial sound, it just comes natural," Rusty Golden said.

Chris Golden opened up on the creative processes while approaching the different genres.

"Each genre that we're dipping into, it's the vocal blend and the vocal sound that goes between the gospel, the old country, the newer country is this wall of harmony coming at you," Chris Golden said.

Finally, William Golden revealed that making music with his family brought him peace during uncertain times.

"We found healing through this project and if what helped heal us can help heal another person or another person then, what we're doing and capturing it will not be in vain."

"Come and Dine" is available now.

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