Din meets Long

Animated masterpiece Wish Dragon debuted in China in January of 2021, but up until last weekend American viewers have had no way of watching it. Now the film is available internationally, with an English-language release in addition to the original Chinese version.

Written and directed by Chris Appelhans in his directorial debut, Wish Dragon tells the story of working-class student Din Song (Jimmy Wong), who stumbles onto a teapot containing the zesty wish-granting dragon Long (John Cho). Din then attempts to use it to reconnect with his childhood friend Li Na Wang (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) while fending off the attacks of a gang of imbecilic and treacherous goons. In the film's Mandarin dub, Din and Long are voiced by Niu Junfeng and Jackie Chan, respectively. Jackie Chan also produced the film.

Since its release, Wish Dragon has received generally positive reviews. Critics praised its animation and tone, as well as its faithfulness to Chinese culture, though some criticized the story's similarities to Disney's Aladdin and Raya and the Last Dragon (which was recently released on Disney+). In addition to being Appelhans's directorial debut, this is also one of first films created by Base Animation, a new subsidiary of Base FX (which has been involved with acclaimed films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Transformers: Age of Extinction). Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures co-produced the film.

Wish Dragon will become available to Netflix subscribers on June 11th in the United States. Viewers can choose between English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese dubs. The film's runtime is 98 minutes.

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