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Just in time for the holidays, Warner Bros. has gifted fans with the release of Wonder Woman 1984. We have all you need to know about what went into making this film happen.

The highly anticipated film has been postponed for months due to the ongoing pandemic. Actors along with producers anxiously awaited to see when it would be okay to finally release the film. Gwendolyn Osborne spoke more about this process:

"We thought it was going to come in June, we thought it was going to come in October, and now it's like this is the one. This is really the one. So, I'm just all ready for it. I'm so ready."

Wonder Woman 1984 picks up 60 years after the first film left off. Diana, played by Gal Gadot, will be living in the 1980s and trying to figure out a world and era where she knows nobody. Gadot shared her thoughts on how Diana felt during that time. She says:

"I think that she is very lonely because she does not want to engage with any new people. She lost all of her friends from the first movie just because she is immortal and they all died. She doesn't want to experience that loss again. She also does not want people to be on her to see that she is not aging."

Fans can expect to see features from Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, and Kristin Wiig. The film also marks a new area for Warner Bros. as this is the first movie they have released to theaters and streaming services at the same time. Patty Jenkins, director of the film, spoke about why they felt this was the right choice. She shares:

"If you had told me a year ago that we would go straight to streaming in anyway shape or form, I would have flipped out. I am very pro theatrical release. I will do that again as soon as this is over. However this is such a crazy year. It's like all of us are trying to figure out with our lives how to do everything the best we can."

Wonder Woman 1840 is out now theaters and HBO Max Christmas Day. Be sure to check it out!

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