Ever since I was a young girl, I have LOVED Wonder Woman. This iconic superhero has been an inspiring symbol of strength, truth & justice to me & millions of fans around the world. So I was beyond excited to see the highly anticipated sequel to the smash 2017 hit.

Just like the first film, Gal Gadot lights up the screen & proves to be the perfect person to don the gold headband and cuffs. However if she threw that truth lasso around me I'd sadly have to confess that while I really enjoyed the movie, I didn't quite love it as much as I had hoped.

That's not to say Wonder Woman 1984 isn't worth watching or isn't a fun, entertaining film it just lacked a bit of the magic from the first film. One reason, the storyline. Setting the sequel in the 80's was a great idea and did provide a lot of highlights from the crazy fashion (remember parachute pants) to an awesome soundtrack but it wasn't enough to fix a few problems with the plot.

I don't want to mention too many specifics as to keep this review "spoiler free" it's just that at over 2 1/2 hours the movie was often a bit slow at times and the story a little lackluster. Even still, Gal Gadot is mesmerizing to watch and provides plenty of amazing moments including some truly touching scenes that really resonate & are so relevant in the world we're living in today. Her chemistry with Chris Pine still sparkles as they reunite in a clever way that adds a lot of energy to the film.

Kristin Wiig & Pedro Pascal are also great additions and of course there's some surprises in the movie - so keep watching throughout the end credits. All in all, Wonder Woman 1984 IS a fun film with a moving & meaningful message that families will no doubt enjoy watching over the holidays. The sequel still soars just perhaps not as high as the first film, even though Gadot is a golden gift to fans. I give it 3.5 out of 5 Rachel's Reels.

By Rachel Smith/Correspondent & Film Critic, @CriticsChoice

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