Whether she’s breaking her opponent in the ring or breaking glass ceilings for women, WWE Superstar Lana knows the moves. We go one on one to talk about storytelling in the ring, sharing real stories in Total Divas, and powerful women.

WWE Superstar Lana

How does a girl who grew up in Latvia end up in WWECJ ‘Lana’ Perry always wanted to be a storyteller, and that’s what she does in the WWE. She explains how that passion led her into the ring, where each story's conflict is resolved.

Of course, ring-based conflict resolution isn't the only thing that sets the WWE apart from other mediums. Lana highlights the legion of fans with a radical passion for sports entertainment.

Total Divas

Now entering its eighth season, Total Divas takes fans behind the scenes, following WWE's top female performers at work and in their personal lives.

Is the show responsible for catapulting the women's revolution forward? Lana thinks so, and explains how the reality show opened her and other female WWE Superstars up to a whole new demographic of women.

Speaking of powerhouse women, Lana talks about what it means to be a role model, and shares her thoughts on Ronda Rousey joining the WWE from MMA.

Don't miss Totals Divas when it hits E! September 19th.

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