For this edition of the Female Quotient Spotlight, we're spotlighting WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon, who is working on advancing gender equality within the wrestling world!

The Female Quotient Spotlight focuses on women with roles in business and media who advocate for gender equality within many different fields. Stephanie McMahon, CBO of WWE, always takes fierceness to the next level and teaches the world what it really means to be a super-star. She is not afraid to push boundaries within the WWE, and she always prioritizes and remains loyal to her fans.

She says:

"For WWE, it's always been about connecting to our audience. I mean, imagine watching our in-ring content with nobody in the arena, it would be very boring... but our fans bring our brand to life...and if we listen to them, connect with them, and deliver for them, you know, then we can effect change."

Focusing on fans is always super important, especially when it has the benefit of aiding in the fight for gender equality!

Stephanie has played a critical role in transforming WWE's Women's Division through rebranding the division from a more negative term, 'divas' to a more positive term, 'superstars.' The Female Quotient CEO, Shelley Zalis, recognizes how Stephanie's tenacity has changed the industry and points out what other steps she took to transform it. She comments, 

"Stephanie is truly an inspirational role model, and has activated changes. She just decided she was going to do it and she went for it. The title belts for women were half the size and they had butterflies. She insisted that they were the exact same as the men...why should they be different? To me, leaders that talk about what they're going to do are all talk. Leaders that walk the talk, that's an inspirational leader today. And Stephanie is one of those incredible role models for change!"

We couldn't agree more, Shelley -- and we cannot wait to see what you do next, Stephanie!

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