A new anime, Yasuke, just dropped on Netflix, a show that reclaims a black samurai's history. What you may not know is that Yasuke is based on a whole lot more than fiction. Let's take a look.

Yasuke was a Real Person

Yasuke is the story of a black man who ends up in feudal Japan in service of an Italian jesuit, only to rise to the status of one of the greatest samurai who ever lived. Sounds compelling, right? Well, it actually happened. Yasuke was a real samurai who lived in Japan during the 1500s, serving under the daimo Oda Nobunaga, the first great unifier of Japan.

It's a deeply unique story at a fascinating point in history, and being real makes it all the better.

Yasuke Already Has a Pretty Famous Anime

Not directly, but a certain anime character is said to be based on Yasuke, and his reputation. It's none other than Samuel L Jackson's Afro Samurai, a six episode masterpiece you can find on Hulu.

Who's in the Cast?

Most notably? Yasuke will be played by none other than Oscar nominee and Atlanta star LaKeith Stanfield.

We don't have any other info on the cast right now, but that's more than enough to get exctied about!

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