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The star opens up about female empowerment and why the role is special to her!

Ambyr Looks Back On Her Favorite Moments 💻

Hopefully Joe isn't reading this article.

Many streaming fans binged the first two seasons of You in a couple of days on Netflix! Ambyr Childers stars as Candace in the drama series, where she's determined to take down Penn Badgley's Joe.

The star hopped on Zoom with Ricky Cornish to chat all about the success of the show and why playing Candace means so much to her:

"It's not just revenge that she wants. She's doing this for so many reasons. Candace represents so many women across the board. To be able to get to play that kind of character, even just talking about it right now, gets me excited," Childers said.

To see more of Ambyr's interview, check out the clip above. You is streaming now on Netflix.

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