The Sandlot Cast Reunion - COMING SOON "Trailer"| Hosted by Justin Turner & Patrick Renna

They're back! The cast of the 1993 baseball-comedy classic has reunited!

The Reunion

In 2018, star of The Sandlot, Patrick Renna started the Youtube Channel, You're Killing Me with Patrick Renna. One of his biggest segment series is a behind the scenes look into the beloved movie. The series sees Renna reunite with his cast members to talk about the film. Patrick Renna describes the reunion as:

"It's finally here!! The virtual cast reunion of the best baseball movie ever made...The Sandlot! Hosted by Justin Turner (Los Angeles Dodgers), Kourtney Turner and Patrick Renna (The Sandlot, Big Green, Son in Law). The cast discusses the movie, their favorite moments, what it was like to make the movie and reenacts some of your favorite scenes. Also some special guests, Dee Gordon (Seattle Mariners) , Mike Moustakas (Cincinnati Reds), Enrique Hernandez (Los Angeles Dodgers) and Andre Ethier (Los Angeles Dodgers)"

The Sandlot

The cast

In 1993, The Sandlot was released. Since then, the film has been remembered for its quote-worthy lines like "You're killing me smalls." The movie is known to be one of the greatest baseball movie of all time.

You can watch The Sandlot on Youtube for $3.99 and the reunion for free on July 15th!

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