The original 1987 film Three Men and a Baby revolved around the lives of three very successful and single men (Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson). However, their world quickly gets turned upside down when they find an infant on the doorstep of their loft.

According to THR, Disney+ will now be creating a new version of the comedy with Zac Efron taking the lead. As for now, all that has been announced is that Gordon Gray will be producing and Will Reichel has written the script. No director has been set yet.

This will be quite a different role for Efron who has just released his Netflix documentary series Down to Earth. In it he travels the world to find the most sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living. Previously in the Disney world, Efron is known for his notorious role as Troy Bolton in High School Musical.

This news just makes fans more excited to see how Disney+ will remake Three Men and a Baby!

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