The 2021 Critics Choice Awards were on Sunday night, where Zendaya was honored with a special award just in time for International Woman's Day.

The Multitalented actress was awarded the SeeHer award honoring a woman who embodies the values of the SeeHer movement.

The SeeHer movement is described as a mission to portray all women and girls in the media so they can see themselves as their true potential.

Zendaya is the fifth recipient of the award behind Kristen Bell, Viola Davis, Claire Foy and Gal Gadot.

She was presented the award at the virtual ceremony by her costar David Washington in Malcom and Marie. "What stood out to me the most, beyond her incredible talent, was her wisdom and her discernment," He said. "At 24 years old, Zendaya is already a formidable actor, but she's also a formidable force for good."

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"Thank you to the Critics Choice Association for this incredible honour and SeeHer. This means so much to me," The Greatest showman actress said while accepting the award. "I think as I was thinking of things to say, the only real thing I can think of is gratitude. This word kind of keeps coming to my mind, especially with the year everyone has had. To continue to be grateful for every single moment, big and small. To be grateful for the people in our world and in our life that make the work we do possible. To continue to make sure we hold onto our loved ones a little bit tighter, and make sure we call them, acknowledge them, tell them we love them. And take in moments like this."

Zendaya continues on to say that wouldn't have received the award if it wasn't for the incredible women who came before her. "I'm extremely grateful for those women. This is very, very special. Thank you so, so much, and — not to overuse the word, but — I am incredibly grateful for this moment," She said.

Aside from the award of honor, the 24-year-old actress was also nominated for her acting in Malcom and Marie, the Netflix original about a couple who go through a fight for only one night about various different topics.

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Before receiving the award, Zendaya was announced as the recipient last month. Nadine Karp McHugh, SeeHer president put out a statement at the time saying "We are delighted to be presenting the award to Zendaya, who is such a strong representation of what it means to be a woman in 2021..."One of the busiest rising stars in Hollywood — with a generation of Disney Channel fans, Marvel devotees and Euphoria evangelists — she is a role model and leading voice of her generation."

McHugh continued in saying that, "She is showing the next generation that you are never too young to use your voice to make a difference," she said. "Inspiring girls everywhere to see themselves in their full potential, Zendaya represents everything SeeHer is."

See below for our SeeHer spotlight on Zendaya.

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