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The triple threat is looking back on his popular films, while teasing fans with the return of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist!

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Returns! 🎤

We're blessed with Skylar's beautiful pipes again!

The actor starring as Max on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist and sharing what fans can expect as new episodes kick off!

"We are so excited that 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' is returning this Sunday. We have been filming the second half of the season. Max and Mo are opening up their new business venture, their new restaurant... MaxiMo! Of course, in true Zoey's fashion, we are doing it in a musical number. I can even say that it'll be Jennifer Lopez's "Let's Get Loud." It's fun to make people laugh. It's also fun to make people feel and tap their toes and dance along too... that doesn't hurt," Astin said.

The second season of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist returns to NBC this Sunday with its mid-season premiere.

However, true fans of Skylar's may wonder if he still holds on to some memories from his big roles on Pitch Perfect and 21 & Over.

Will This Summer Have '21 & Over' Déjà Vu? 🍻

Speaking with our Social Producer, Ricky Cornish, Skylar looked back on his time partying on-camera in the comedy film, 21 & Over, and revealed if those party antics will make a comeback this summer!

"Oh my gosh... maybe I've matured a little bit from those kinds of Casey days. I am looking forward to a dinner party, I will say that. If there's some music and some sing-along, that also sounds really fun to me too, so I'm here for it all!"

The star is also hoping to see some uplifting live entertainment this year, similar to how the Treblemakers would often steal the show on Pitch Perfect.

"That energy right now is something I would love to see."

You can check out more of Skylar's interview above and next weekend nationwide on Celebrity Page TV. Check your local listings here.

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