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Celebrity Page TV Snapshot

  • Available in X households
  • 0.3 Total Nielsen rating = X viewers
  • 0.6 Nielsen Rating among African Americans
  • 3.5M average segment impressions

Audience Snapshot

  • Gender: 62% Female, 38% Male
  • Age: 9% 18-34, 37% 18-49, 45% 25-54
  • Income: 46% $60K+, 37% $75K+, 27% $100K+
  • Background/Lifestyle/Anything Else

Celebrity Page TV is a Daily Entertainment News Show

We are a fast-paced, half-hour daily entertainment news television show delivering celebrity-centric news, interviews, and features every weeknight in a fresh, fun package. Our segments regularly include exclusive interviews, inside access to red carpet events and premieres, movie and television previews, and celebrity-centric news and gossip.
We bring Hollywood into homes nationwide through Reelz Network's 70M strong household distribution and an affiliate network syndicated to 210 markets led by WABC  New York,  KCAL  Los Angeles, CBS Dallas, ABC Boston, and NBC Houston. Our segments generate 3.5M impressions!

Beyond Television

Celebrity Page isn't limited to the air waves. We have built a 360-degree brand that extends our reach through digital publishing, web, email, and social media content, out-of-home opportunities, consumer goods, and the 24/7 Celebrity Page Network streaming via Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, iOS and Android devices.

Ways to Work with Us

Whether you're interested in live events with influencers, 30-second spots, 90-second brand integrations, sampling via our out-of-home double decker bus, or content + engagement opportunities via our social, digital & OTT network, Celebrity Page offers a highly customizable, brand-optimized approach that can deliver hundreds of millions of impressions.

Additional Brand Benefits: Celebrity association, engagement around high-profile events, a positive + uplifting + inspiring ecosystem, diverse audiences & subject matter, fun & friendly talent.

Sponsored Segments

Wrap celebrity subjects & editorial in your branding and messaging with up to 3.5M impressions and distribute further across digital & social media platforms.

Example Segments: The Dish, Movie Wrap, Big Story, Music Choice Exclusives, The Giving Carpet, Equality Spotlight

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Segment Integrations

Original, integrated 90-second segments are produced to showcase your product or message. The deliver 3.5M impressions alone and 5M when teased one day prior-to-air.

Production: B-roll or other video from brand, co-producing with script approval and edited segment approval

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Takeover Shows & Events

Sponsorship of parties and takeover shows at celebrity events & red carpets with on-site branding, integrations, and activations, and content highlighting these activities.

Examples: Emmys, Grammy, Oscars, Tony Awards, CMA Awards, BET Awards, Fashion Week, NAACP Image Awards

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