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In today's US Weekly dish, Christina Garibaldi talks to us about Prince William's and Prince Charles' future as kings, as well as remembering the life and legacy of Alex Trebek.

As the Queen has been in isolation due to COVID-19, the Princes have had to step it up and take over some serious responsibilities. Garibaldi said:

"The Queen is set in her ways, but over the year she has learned to be a bit more open-minded and takes great interest in hearing what other people have to say, especially William who is relatable to the next generation."

US Weekly is mourning the recent death of Alex Trebek, who passed away this week due to his battle with pancreatic cancer. A source told the magazine that he was fighting till the end, as he was taping the last of his shows just two weeks previous to his death. This week, Trebek's family has had an overwhelming amount of love come their way - and Garibaldi said:

"An insider tells us that while they miss Alex tremendously, they do take comfort in knowing that he is watching over them."

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