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Recently, the "put a finger down" trend has taken over TikTok where users listen to an audio clip listing experiences and if they have done something listed, they put a finger down. Stephen "tWitch" Boss along with wife Alison Holker have reclaimed this trend to share a powerful message about white privilege.

The two former So You Think You Can Dance stars use TikTok to show off their impressive dance routines and cute videos with their two children. Recently, the couple took to Holker's TikTok to perform Big Mamma's "Check Your Privilege Challenge."

Boss and Holker sit with their son Maddox as they listen to the audio. The first prompt read "Put a finger down if you have been called a racial slur," to which Boss puts his first finger down. Boss runs out of fingers to put down before the audio has finished. Others include "Put a finger down if someone has crossed the street to avoid passing you" and "Put a finger down if you've been accused of not being able to afford something expensive."

Holker remains with all of her fingers raised until the last prompt: "Put a finger down if you've ever had to teach your child how not to get killed by the police." The audio ends with "Any fingers left? That's privilege" with the message written on the video "White privilege is real."

The TikTok currently has over two million views and almost half a million likes. This is just one example of the ways users are molding TikTok into a space suitable for social justice.

Many other creators have been using the platform to show their support for #BlackLivesMatter. Among these are Jax and Glenn, who have respectively departed from their usual comedy and food videos to speak up. Jax encourages non-black allies to support black TikTok creators by commenting #POCunity on their videos. Charlee has been using the platform to promote her relevant and impactful artwork. Jeremy Scheck usually shares recipes for the perfect pasta dishes, but has since been promoting helpful resources and ways to get involved because "if you have time to cook, you have time to sign a petition or call a local rep in support of BLM." Those gifted with a large platform realize the responsibility now placed on them to speak up and make a difference.

Boss has inspired many to check their privilege and begin to understand it from a different point of view while the couple continues to make TikTok a safe space for meaningful conversation about racial equality.

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