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Amber Riley has officially broken off her engagement with Desean Black.

The former "Glee" actress first revealed her breakup during an episode of the "Nice & Neat" podcast in March. When discussing her upcoming Lifetime movie, "Single Black Female", Riley was asked if she really is single like the title implies. She confirmed,

"I am a single Black female. I am. I'm a single Black female but I'm not a crazy one like in the movie."

Riley claims the breakup was "amicable," and holds no ill-will towards Black.

"I wish him the best. I don't have anything horrible or bad to say."

The two announced their engagement in November 2020, when Riley posted a now-deleted photo to her Instagram with the caption,

"There was a time when I thought I didn’t want or deserve this kind of love. I’m looking at a man who changed my mind. My time by myself, loving on myself, getting comfortable with myself, prepared me for you, and prepared me for this. [...] What God has joined together, let no man separate.”

When Black initially proposed, Riley revealed that wedding planning wasn't on her mind. She stated,

"I love him and he’s my best friend, and I can be around him with no wig on and no makeup and he still loves me. I've just enjoyed being engaged. I'm gonna drag my feet."

As for what's next, Riley isn't worried about her love life. Instead, she's focusing on her career, stating,

"I really want to finally put out a full project like a full album, so hopefully that won’t be too far off. But just like every other actor, I’m on the grind so I hope to eventually produce and star in my own television show, that is a really huge dream of mine, so hopefully that comes to pass."

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