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Expect the unexpected on the new season of An Unexpected Killer.

Oxygen Shows More Unbelievable Cases On Season Two 🔍

On the new season of Oxygen's hit series, An Unexpected Killer, detectives are diving into shocking cases that fans will have to see to believe.

Ricky Cornish chatted with Kendall Bard, a colleague of victim Veronica Bozza, who was found shot dead in her own home.

"These people are like... I wouldn't even call them animals... I would call them monsters. He was stalking her... and she knew it. When something's wrong, reach out! Had she reached out to all of us, there would have been no wall that any of them could have broken down," Bard said.

You can watch more cases and shocking stories on An Unexpected Killer Friday nights on Oxygen.

To learn more about Veronica Bozza's case, you can catch the first episode of An Unexpected Killer season two on Oxygen.com and the Oxygen app.

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