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Andrew Garfield Tells Dakota Johnson Why He Lies About Who He Is

The Social Network actors talk upcoming projects, and what it's like in the public eye.

Eleven years after the release of the blockbuster film the Social Network, stars Andrew Garfield and Dakota Johnson have reunited to talk about their upcoming projects.

Johnson has been working alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal on her directorial debut, the Lost Daughter. She heralds Gyllenhaal as an actor's director---someone who knows what it's like to be vulnerable, who dedicates herself to creating a safe space for the women on set to allow themselves to be open.

Garfield, now working with Lin Manuel Miranda, also recounts what it's like to be vulnerable. He reveals he had a single year to learn how to sing and play the piano for Tick, Tick, Boom!, an upcoming biopic about the life of Broadway legend, Johnathan Larson.

Both agree that the role of a celebrity leaves one vulnerable onscreen and offscreen. Garfield shared his approach when meeting fans.

"I give myself permission to be ordinary, to be a person [...] If someone's open to me being a person, we have a lovely conversation, but there are some people that don't want that. [...] They want the Mickey Mouse."

Garfield elaborated, explaining that some fans expect him to be the character they see on screen, and when that's case, he simply says he's not Andrew Garfield. Johnson asked if he ever felt bad about lying, to which he said, "never."

"It's like, I'm me, and there's this thing 'Andrew Garfield' that people can get agitated about. And if [fans ask for that] I'm like, 'No, I'm not that' so actually, I don't feel like I'm lying."

Both claim the best interactions with fans are always the calm, casual ones that simply like their films.

Garfield says,

"That [makes] my day. Because I put a lot of work into that, and I like it, too."

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