Adapted from Tiktok @officialalw and screenshot via YouTube 'Cardi B - WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion [Official Music Video]'

Cardi B's recent music video for her song "WAP," featuring Megan Thee Stallion, has gone viral in recent weeks. But did anyone expect a remix from The Phantom of the Opera composer Andrew Lloyd Webber?

'Phantom of the WAPera'


Phantom of the WAPera ft. the man himself - TeamALW ##phantom ##cardib ##mashup ##music ##theatre ##remix

♬ phantom of the wapera - pescatarian_mama_

In the short video, Andrew Lloyd Webber, himself, dances to "WAP." The video then cuts to him at his piano, as he plays his own song, The Phantom of the Opera, with "WAP" playing in the background.

The sound used in Webber's TikTok was actually created by a different user, @pescatarian_mama_ and Webber just used the sound, rightfully so, as it includes his famous riff from Phantom.


Andrew has loved seeing what you've been doing with his music and looks forward to getting in on the action. - Team ALW ##andrewlloydwebber ##theatre

♬ original sound - officialalw

Andrew Lloyd Webber has become quite the TikToker. His other TikTok videos follow him playing Music of the Night on his piano, training his dog, and sharing fan costumes from his plays. According to the bio in his account, his TikTok is managed by his private office. In one of his first TikTok videos, he talks about finally getting on the app, after seeing fans making videos inspired by his music:

"Hi everybody. I cannot believe that at 72 years old, I'm finally, finally, on TikTok...If you'd like to sing along to any of my songs, let's get started folks."

We're hoping that the beloved composer continues to create videos for us!

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