Matt James


Will Matt James get engaged in tonight's episode of The Bachelor (2002-)? We give you our opinions and thoughts with a fair SPOILER ALERT warning for anyone who is not caught up with the dramatic saga.

Most Recent Teaser

The most recent teaser for this season's finale of The Bachelor features numerous clips of Matt, Michelle Young, and Rachael Kirkconnell in distraught. Being filmed before Kirkconnell's racist scandal was brought to light, the tension in the Pennsylvania estate must be purely based off of romantic confusion.

A giving line Matt states in the trailer says,

"I don't know if I'm ready to be engaged."

Where does Michelle stand?

Based off of the progression of the season and sneak peeks, Bachelor Nation fans predict Matt will let Michelle go due to his feelings for Rachael. However, Matt may regret this decision as he is seen in tears with Chris Harrison, not sure if he wants to continue. This clip may or may not be related to Michelle, but only time will tell.

Where does Rachael stand?

Due to the trauma of letting Michelle go, Matt will most likely cancel his final date with Rachael, confusing the Georgia native. Essentially, Matt may rethink his whole decision going into a competition with the end goal of him being engaged when he's not even ready for marriage.

So, does anyone win?

Most likely... Rachael will win this season of The Bachelor, but as Matt's girlfriend, not his bride. The two most likely continued dating after the season wrap, but many predict the bachelor broke things off with the graphic designer after racist photos of her were exposed on the internet ensuing countless lashes at the franchise as a whole.

What is the big curveball Acho is talking about?

With Chris Harrison stepping down from the "After the Final Rose" special due to his defense of Kirkconnell's actions and blatant disrespect for past bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, football player Emmanuel Acho will be taking on hosting roles.

In the finale preview, Acho talks about a big curveball being released during tonight's special and many predict that this season's runner up Michelle Young will be an upcoming Bachelorette (2003-). Many also predict this season's Katie Thurston is the next Bachelorette and there will be filming of Bachelor in Paradise (2014-) this summer.

To see if our predictions were correct, make sure to watch the season finale of The Bachelor tonight on ABC.

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