A subway car in London was cleaned up after the famous street artist Banksy dressed up as a maintenance worker with goggles and an orange jacket to create a piece of art within the London Tube. The piece comes amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

Banksy's Rats

Banksy used his famous rats to show the importance of face coverings and hand washing during this pandemic. One of the rats is shown sneezing with droplets on the window and others are being lifted up by masks. At the end of the video outside the train says "I get lockdown" and the inside says "but I get up again" which is an inspiring and comical reference to the 1997 song "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba.



London officials had workers clean off the art because of the city's art-graffiti policy. Although the officials did not know it was a Banksy piece, they said that he could tag again in "a suitable location". Some felt that the officials should have keep the work up, while others saw it as a rule that could not just be broken for a famous artist.

Regardless of opinion, there's no doubt that we can expect a new version of the art work in another location some time soon.

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