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The triple threat is defining the impossible!

What can't Bobby Bones do?

From winning Dancing With The Stars, to acting as a mentor on American Idol, the star is shaking things up for latest project!

Breaking Bobby Bones follows the radio host as he pushes himself to his extreme breaking point.

"For me, why I created the show was to get out and show people who have gone through some extreme adversity in their lives and how they got to the other side."

On the show, Bones puts himself in uncomfortable situations and embodies his mantra: fight, grind, repeat.

"The fight is when you actually identify your goal. The grind is when you're putting in the work every day when nobody cares... it's not glamorous. The repeat is if it doesn't work out, because it doesn't work out most of the time the very first time, are you willing to go through that again and go fight, grind again?"

New episodes of Breaking Bobby Bones airs Sunday nights on National Geographic. The full series will be available to stream on Disney + in July.

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