BravoCon 2021 was set for mid-October with live panels, performances, interactive experiences, and even exclusive and VIP access to certain Bravo shows.

Bravo capitalized on its popularity in 2019 with a ComicCon-like event that featured some of the network's biggest stars interacting with fans as well as attending entire events dedicated to their shows.

Fans were extremely excited when Bravo announced their plans for this BravoCon. Many were preparing for the exclusive content surrounding TopChef, Below Deck, and Vanderpump Rules.

The event was going to happen from October 15th-17th in New York City but with cases skyrocketing in the city and surrounding areas, Bravo shut it all down.

The popular event has only been able to happen once so far and Bravo fans everywhere are upset about the cancellation but understand why it makes sense. With countless hit reality shows along with everything else the network offers, BravoCon is an interesting look at how to interact with fans and keep cable channels alive.

BravoCon may be the first of many events that networks and streaming services put together for fans. Just imagine a Netflix-Con with the Stranger Things cast or Lil Dicky performing at Hulu-Con for his show Dave! The possibilities are endless!

These events are a ton of fun if you watch the shows and maybe some streaming services could follow suit. I know I'd be at most of them! We can't wait for BravoCon 2022, too bad it couldn't happen again this year.

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