Halloween Peeps


This announcement is too scary- even for Halloween. Peeps has announced there will be no holiday peeps produced this year for Halloween or Christmas. Valentines Day peeps have been cancelled as well. It's all due to production setbacks corresponding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just Born Quality Confections is the producer of the infamous treat which is most popular around Easter. Peeps are a marshmallow treat coated in bright, colorful sugars which help celebrate the holidays. The most popular shape being a chick, other shapes such as bunnies, ghosts, and Christmas trees emerge throughout the year as the seasons change.

However, there's a big change coming this fall season...the company confirmed that all holiday peeps will be skipped this year.

The company had to shut down production this year all of April to adhere to pandemic protocols. The factories were allowed to reopen in May but only for very limited production purposes. With the shortage of time and labor, the snack will have to skip Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day in order to prepare for Easter and resume normal peep production.

That means you'll have to remove the pumpkin, cat, ghost, and monster peeps from your shopping list.

Peeps is set to have a normal Easter production and resume other holiday products in 2021.

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