Leah Van Dale and Matthew Polinsky Bare All In New Podcast | Celebrity Page

The WWE superstars are opening up in their new project!

Leah Van Dale, also known as Carmella, is a superstar in the WWE. Her boyfriend Matthew Polinsky, also known as Corey Graves, is also a huge name in the industry. The two are now spending quarantine together by spilling on their personal lives in their new podcast, Bare With Us.

"It's almost like therapy," Dale said. "We get to say things to each other that we normally don't say, and I feel like it's okay because nothing is off the table."

The stars are also shedding their WWE personalities and authentically hosting the podcast as themselves.

"It's not our WWE persona, it's Matt and Leah. It's us in real life and who we really are."

You can stream the Bare With Us Podcast on all platforms.

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