The New Shows And Movies Coming Your Way

Holiday Holidays to all! Here's what you can start watching today.

Netflix has released a brand new series titled Bridgerton. Fans can expect a combination of Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey within this new show. Shonda Rhimes spoke more about what fans will see. She shares:

"It's this beautiful, lush, amazing show that's set in England and we were filming it there right now. And it is the one with Julie Andrews, which, I mean come on!"

Julie Andrews will be starring as the narrator for the show. This is also the first show to come from Shonda Rhimes officially for Netflix. Bridgerton is available now so be sure to check it out!

Tom Hanks will be starring in a brand new movie titled News of the World. Hanks' actor goes town to town reading people the news. Hanks shared more about his character and the purpose of this film. He says:

"This movie takes place in the shadows of the Civil Wars end and from that and because of that in Texas particularly, there is strife, anger, and defeat."

The new film is out in theaters now! Jamie Foxx will also leading an A-list cast in Disney's new film, Soul. Fox shared what his daughter had to say about this new role. He says:

"My daughter, who is 12 now, but was 10 at the time was like 'Dad, you're going to be in a Pixar film' and I was like 'Yeah!' and she goes 'You've finally made it! You're finally famous."

Tina Fey is also co-starring in the animated film. She spoke about what Soul revolves around. Fey shared:

"It's a story of a man named Joe Gardner who thinks his life is one track and is surprisingly derailed from that track and has to learn what his real purpose is in life."

Soul is streaming now on Disney+.

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