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It's an unbelievable true story that's hitting the small screen.

Call this a medical emergency.

Dr. Christopher Duntsch was a well known and loved neurosurgeon in the medical world, until things started looking suspicious when patients came out of surgeries in worse condition than when they went in.

In the new Peacock series, Dr. Death, Joshua Jackson plays the infamous doctor.

"He's outwardly charming, he's outwardly funny, he's outwardly smart... he has all the book learning, he has the fancy paperwork and he just absolutely mangles his patients. Then, he's protected by the system to be allowed to keep on going. Even talking about it gives me the heebie jeebies," Jackson said.

However, his vicious crimes thankfully come to an end. Christian Slater plays one of Duntsch's colleagues, who stands up to the criminal.

"As scary as this story is, it's nice that there's a parallel story about two other doctors that are heroic and that are willing to do the right thing. That makes me feel very good in regards to how we told the story," Slater said.

As a Hollywood veteran, Jackson shares his excitement for bringing awareness to Duntsch's horrific crimes.

"Ten years ago, if you tried to make Dr. Death, you probably would have made like an after school special out of it and it would have been a really simple, and easy, and kind of cheap telling of the story. Now, we have the resources, we can get Christian Slater and Alec Baldwin into a TV show together and put together this all-star team. We have the time and money and platform to get it out in front of people," Jackson said.

Dr. Death is streaming now on Peacock.

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