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Amy Acker, best known for her roles in action-packed TV shows like Angel and Person of Interest, is leaning into her romantic side with her new Hallmark movie, Crashing Through the Snow.

Crashing Through the Snow is premiering on Hallmark Channel as this year's first Christmas in July movie.

"When we were shooting it, we didn't know that it was going to be a part of Christmas in July, so this has been an added thrill, and something that I didn't even know existed was Christmas in July," Acker said.

However, despite it being a holiday romance, Acker tells us the film isn't without some action.

"My mom is always super excited when I get to do Hallmark movies. This one, though, I did get to do quite a few stunts in."

In the film, Acker plays Maggie, a mom of two invited to spend Christmas with her ex-husband Jeff (Kristian Bruun) and his new girlfriend Kate (Brooke Nevin).

Maggie's Christmas plans are shaken up once Kate's brother (Warren Christie) joins them for the holiday, and romance blossoms between the two.

"Warren Christie plays my love interest, and I have known Warren for probably 15 years. We have worked together in four different projects along the way, and I already love him and adore him. When I found out we were going to get to do a movie together, it was just like, this is going to be the best movie ever."

Get your Christmas fix this summer on Hallmark channel and watch Crashing Through the Snow Saturday, July 10th.

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