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As Russia continues to invade Ukraine, citizens and nations all over the world have come together in solidarity to protest Vladmir Putin's actions. This includes musical acts who are cancelling performances in Russia to protest the ongoing violence against Ukraine.

Below is a list of all of the artists and bands who have cancelled their shows in Russia so far:

Green Day

As part of their Hella Mega Tour, the punk-rock band was scheduled to play at Moscow's Spartak Stadium in May.

On Sunday the band announced, via Instagram, that they were cancelling the performance.

"We are aware that this moment is not about stadium rock shows, it's so much bigger than that," read a statement on their Instagram Story. "But we also know that rock and roll is forever and we feel confident there will be a time and a place for us to return in the future. Refunds available at the point of purchase. Stay safe."


On February 25, the pop trio announced over Twitter that they were cancelling their October show in Moscow along with prompting fans to share "accurate info" about the situation.

The three brothers, Ryan, Adam, and Jack Met wrote,

"We are sad to announce that we will be cancelling our upcoming show in Russia. Thank you to our Russian fans who oppose their country’s unprovoked and criminal behavior. Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine. At this point, the best thing you can do is share ACCURATE info."

Louis Tomlinson

The Always You singer, who had two scheduled performances in both Moscow and in Ukraine at Kyiv's Stereo Plaza in July, as part of his 2022 tour, announced on Monday that would no longer happen.

He wrote in a message shared to Twitter,

"Due to the recent events in Ukraine, I have to sadly announce that my tour shows in Moscow and Kyiv are cancelled until further notice. The safety of my fans is my priority and my thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine and all those suffering from this needless war."


The industrial rock band from Los Angeles announced via Instagram on Monday, that it would cancel their two shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The post read,

"Though we do not wish to penalize our fans for governmental decisions that are beyond their control, given the current state of affairs we will no longer be performing our previously scheduled shows in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Our thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine."


The English pop-punk singer released a statement to Twitter on Monday stating that he will not be playing in Russia this summer.

"I'm heartbroken to announce I will be cancelling my Russian shows scheduled for this summer. Heartbroken because I know the vicious and brutal acts of the Russian regime in Ukraine over the past week do not reflect the attitudes and ideals of the beautiful people who I have met in Russia in the past!"
"To the people of Ukraine," he continued, "My heart is with you -- you've already shown such strength and determination, resisting this needless invasion. Everyone deserves to be the creator of their own destiny, rather than having it forced upon them by acts of war and aggression. Ukraine, I promise I'll come back as soon as I can! My hear is with you, always. dom xx."

Iggy Pop

The designated "Godfather of Punk" explained in a tweet on March 1, that he would be dropping out of the Moscow held Park Live Festival in July.

"The festival appearance of Iggy Pop in Moscow on the 10th of July 2022 is canceled," wrote the singer. "In light of current events, this is necessary. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainians and all the brave people who oppose this violence and seek peace. #StandingWithUkraine."

The Killers

The Las-Vegas Rock band also will also be pulling out of the Park Live Festival, a spokesperson for the band has confirmed to Billboard, as a result of Russia's actions against Ukraine.

Franz Ferdinand

The Scottish rock band cancelled their St. Petersburg show on June 29 and Moscow show on July 1. The group released a statement to Twitter explaining the decision.

“We love Russia. This great country has inspired our band through its art and literature and since we first played there seventeen years ago, we have built a rich and deep relationship with our Russian fans. Since Thursday morning, we have spoken to many of our friends in Russia via social media and have encountered unanimous opposition to this violence and solidarity with our Ukrainian friends. We know you see the madness of your country’s leadership. We know you do not want war.”

The group concluded with a message of hope,

"Despite the tragedy of this situation, we still burn a flame of optimism in our hearts and look forward to the day when we can return in a time of peace to share the joy of music together again.”

Bring Me the Horizon

The British rockers announced on March 1, the cancellation of their upcoming shows in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

The statement read,

"In solidarity with Ukraine and to stand against the atrocities being committed by Russian leadership, we must cancel our forthcoming dates in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine." The group continued, "Ukraine is an incredibly special place for us, we have toured and made numerous music videos there, making lots of strong bonds and life long friendships. We are in awe of the bravery demonstrated right now by the Ukrainian people & we pray for a return to peace as soon as possible."

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

The Australian rocker announced on Tuesday that he and his band would not be performing their summer shows in Russia and Ukraine.

The group tweeted,

"Our thoughts and love go out to the brave people of Ukraine, their heroic leader and all those suffering from this senseless war. Ukraine, we stand with you, and with all those in Russia who oppose this brutal act, and we pray that this madness is brought to a close soon."

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