David Blaine

On Wednesday, David Blaine ascended from 25,000 feet above the sky with helium balloons, proving to his daughter that the impossible is possible. His three-hour YouTube stream 'Ascension' spotlights his experience preparing for the journey of a lifetime.

Viewers can see David Blaine holding hands with his daughter, saying, "This is what I've been telling you about that I've dreamed of since I was your age" at the beginning of YouTube's #1 most trending video 'David Blaine Ascension.' His undeniable love for magic and undaunted nature came to the forefront of this opportunity as he enthusiastically travels above the Arizona sky.

He shares his excitement in an Instagram post that has received major attention.

YouTube commented:

Absolutely astonishing David! Kudos to you 🙌🎈

Pop icon Justin Timberlake watched his journey and stated:

Amazing, man!!!

Even rapper Kanye West took to Twitter to give a shoutout to David on his unbelievable excursion.

David Blaine Ascension

This incredible story has touched the hearts of so many people navigating this very difficult time who are looking for some positivity.

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