Dermot Mulroney Talks Major Plot Twists In Season Three Of 'Hanna' | Celebrity Page

From romantic comedies, to westerns and dramas, Dermot Mulroney has played almost every type of role under the sun.

Dermot Mulroney's dramatic role in the Prime Videoseries, Hanna, places his character, John Carmichael, under unbelievable high-pressure situations.

In season three, Carmichael is now completely diverting from his original assigned operation by teaming up with Hanna to bring the operation down from the inside.

"He's being used against himself. It was just a fantastic twist for Carmichael and that's just the beginning of season three. Things go haywire from there. What we didn't know until season two is that there's a whole bunch of other young female assassins that John Carmichael, my character, has developed and then in season three, we finally understand what the purpose of the Utrax program really is, and it's very disturbingly dark," Mulroney said.

On a lighter note, Mulroney also touched on another one of his latest roles in the holiday film, Christmas is Cancelled, which is also premiering on Prime Video this month.

He expressed his gratitude for getting to take on such a wide variety of roles over the span of his career.

"I love what I do so much. I can't begin to describe the sensation and they call me for so many different types of roles... Christmas comedy, a spy thriller, it's incredible. I'm so blessed and grateful," Mulroney said.

Hanna and Christmas is Cancelled are both streaming now on Prime Video.

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