Grammy nominated rapper DMX, birth name Earl Simmons, was hospitalized Friday after an episode of cardiac arrest, according to his longtime lawyer Murray Richman. According to sources, he is currently in a vegetative state due to his brain being deprived of oxygen during the cardiac episode.

Fans, Friends Show Love and Support

While Simmons remains on life support and his prognosis looks less and less hopeful, fans and contemporaries alike are showing their love and support to his family during this difficult time. A prayer vigil was held for the rapper outside the White Plains, New York hospital he's being treated in. As many as 500 fans have been seen outside the hospital at any given time.

DMX burst onto the scene in the late 90s and dominated the rap charts for nearly a decade, with all five of his first albums landing at the top of the Billboard charts. He's best known for songs like X Gon Give it To Ya, Party Up, and Go to Sleep. He was a large influence on hip hop becoming the force on mainstream charts that it now is.

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His angry, intense delivery paired with lyrics of oppression and striving to overcome made large audiences feel the pain of both Simmons himself and the African American community in an extremely unique way. We pray for a healthy recovery as both SImmons and his family go through this difficult time.

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